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RKS Halloween Build Contest

Happy halloween season! In the spirit of all things spooky, RKS is putting on a build contest for the entire month of October with several different categories. There will be livestreams, pumpkin carving, plenty of spooky 3D printed builds, and lots of prizes to be won! Get creative with your entries and keep in mind that the entire photo composition is taken into consideration. Good luck!

Categories/ Deadlines




3D2A pumpkin carving 

Make a jack-o-lantern in the spirit of 3D printed spooky ghost guns. 

due 10-6



Candy-Themed Build

Use some of those fun colored spools of filament to assemble a firearm that resembles your favorite halloween season candy. 

due 10-15



Spookiest Gatlab

Decorate and light up your 3D printing workspace.

due 10-22



Halloween Themed Build

Assemble a firearm with a theme of your choice that best represents the spookiest month of the year. (monsters, ghosts, orange/black, etc.)

due 10-29







Prize Pool

(will be updated as prizes are confirmed)





invader PDW brace kit



4 custom engraved magazines


Least Common Shop

$65 gift card and custom tee


Cultivated Laser

4pk lasered patches

custom RK Spookware EDC tray


Skinwalker Supply Co.

Spooky Patches



NFA trust notary service

ownership of davidchipman.net



4 $100 coupon codes


Aves Rails

4 Glock DDxx.2 Rail Kit Bundles



4 custom 32oz tumblers



Riptide Rails

DDxx.2 Rail Kits


RK Spookware



ARK build kit

ARK hardware kits



14.5 assorted A2 grips

mystery grab bag


MAF Corp.

Magnesium AR-15 handguard



A few "rules" :


-no NFA items (short-barreled rifles, AOWs, etc.) 

-must be located in the United States to receive prizes, but all submissions are welcome

-only one submission per entrant per category will be considered (your last)