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FGC-9 MKII Hardware Kit

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Product Overview

The FGC-9 requires a lot of small quantities of bolts and parts that add up over even a single build. We've helped alleviate the headache and have put together a kit. Sizes and quantities have been pulled from the official guide. 


Kit Contents:

  • M3x40 barrel retainer screws & washers**
  • M3x20 buffer tube screws & washers**
  • M3X20 firing pin retainer screw w/ nut
  • M3x16 top rail screws
  • M3x16 ejector pivot screw
  • M3x12 feed ramp screw
  • M3 heat-set threaded inserts for buffer tube
  • M4x30 buttstock/ brace screw
  • M6x25 pistol grip screw w/ serrated washer
  • M3x40 upper/ lower joining screws & nuts/ washers**
  • 5mm hex wrench for charging handle


**This kit substitutes the hex head screws described in the official build guide with socket head cap screws. 


This is not a firearm, whole or partial. 

RIP JStark


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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